Our Philosophy and Introduction

Our philosophy and our ultimate goal is to further the Breed, and so far so good, our lines keep getting better and better. Starting with good pedigrees and exceptional stock to begin with, means a lot.

We only breed good sound healthy stock with the goal in mind to produce puppies with correct structure, conformation, temperament and working abilities and always with an eye towards the future of the breed.

We are now in a position where most of our puppy’s sales come from repeat buyers, who want to add a second dog or recommendations from prior owners. We usually have enough families waiting by the time our pups are 4 weeks old.

Of upmost importance is to make the correct placement to avoid the possibility of a puppy ever having to be re-homed. So the process of deciding which puppy is best placed where is something our puppy families have come to respect and appreciate.

We put the welfare of the pups first when planning a litter and want the best homes for them. We feel it is important for the new family to have some weeks to be prepared for such a new arrival ahead of time too.

All of our pups are from AKC registered purebred Portuguese Water Dogs coming down Champion lines with health testing done. We breed the best of the best and produce good quality stock. To the best of our knowledge we have not yet produced a dog to developed any hereditary diseases, nor any of the health issues of which the inheritance is unknown like; Addison’s, Cancer, IBD and Arthritis.

Below is a little information about our breed program.

Day 1 – Health Testing, Puppy Guarantee & Training

The pups come with health guarantees and parents are tested before breeding.

The pups are subjected to the “early neurological stimulation” program commonly known as the “Super Dog” program (a silly term today but it was coined in the 50’s.); a lot of research has been done there.

This training begins as early as day three for the pups and expectant families We start with mild stimulation exercises with the pups feeling different textures and temperatures, touching them all over, turning them over, etc and forward to more and more challenges as their phases of development progress, using the same sensory types of training the US Military uses in their canine program to improve temperament and therefore the performance of dogs.

We introduce crate, leash and potty training and (believe it or not) our pups are skilled at hitting the potty stations a good 95% by the time they go to their new homes. We introduce to the groom table, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and teach simple commands like heel on lead, come when called, sit, down, stay, fetch, retrieve, return and back. Here you will find three experienced adults who dedicate all of their time and love to produce the best possible pups. To make certain the puppy families know how to carry on we provide them intense courses, online and onsite, of instruction from weeks one through sixteen, as well as a lifetime of support.