About Us

Breeding Healthy Dogs

We breed with an eye to the future, good sound healthy stock with balanced temperaments and working abilities. Our lines produce the classic coats wavy or curly, black and or brown – often with various amounts of white markings. We reside in San Diego and have bred for many years. We provide every family with health guarantees and detailed courses of instruction so they are fully prepared before taking a pup home and during those important first months after along with a Lifetime of Support.

We have many years of breeding experience have donated time and resources during memberships in PWD clubs regional as well as national and continue to show and participate in events.

There are different types of Breeders, here you will not find a “backyard” situation; running large operations full of cages with pups available on any given day. Instead we breed infrequently, first having a wait list of good families in hand before deciding to commit to a breeding.

An Early Start to Training

We rear our pups in home “under-foot” looking after each and every one 24 hours a day. Our pups begin sensitivity awareness training as early as day one, as do the teachings for the new families. Pups are well socialized, potty-trained, know how to come, fetch, sit, go down, and walk on lead before going to their new home. We teach the families how to continue this training as well as how to handle teething and other puppy issues they will be faced with.

Selective Home Placement

We take our placements very seriously. You will be required to complete a questionnaire and provide identification. I am proud to say that many of our pups have been placed with repeat buyer’s, who are adding a second to more to their family, as well as to families they have recommended.

Our dogs have been AKC championed, awarded ribbons in rings and importantly recognized, honored and awarded for their outstanding work in THERAPY and SERVICE. People find our Working Dogs easy to train and often express wonder at how much PWD’s enjoy doing the work their owners ask. Many live on boats, enjoy paddle boarding and work alongside their owners many ways.

Be aware that not all breeders are equal. To protect this precious breed and to avoid the heartbreak of bad breeding practices, please do not decide hastily on a puppy; take the time to find a good reputable breeder first. Remember you are to adding a member not only to your family but your hearts that will live with you for many years to come.

The dogs bred down our lines are purebred AKC registered Portuguese water dogs. Parents have passing health tests, we are very proud of their high scores and happy to show you. All pups are health guaranteed to not be affected by Storage disease (GM1), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy (JDCM) or Improper Coat (IC).