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Portuguese Water Dog Breeder – Located in San Diego, CA

Welcome to our website! We are a Portuguese Water Dog Breeder based in San Diego with the goal of furthering the PWD breed and improving the pedigree. All of our litters are bred from AKC registered purebred Portuguese Water Dogs from Champion lines, and health testing is done on all dogs before breeding. We only breed healthy stock in order to produce pups with the correct structure, conformation, temperament, and working abilities. All litters are cared for 24 hours a day, and training begins early in life. This way, by the time our pups are sent to their new homes, they are already well on their way to being fully trained. Click here to learn more about the Portuguese Water Dog breed.

We place great importance on the placement of our pups in good homes that are ready for a PWD and take many factors into account when deciding on the best homes for our pups. The welfare of our litters always comes first and we do our best to prepare the selected family for the new addition. Click here to learn if a PWD is right for you and your family.

If you are looking to add a Portuguese Water Dog to your family, take a look around our site. You can visit our Education section to learn more about the breed and dog breeding as a whole, and visit the About Us section to learn more about our values as a breeder and see what some of our happy families have to say. Have additional questions? Visit our contact page to send us a message.